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2.5GB - 4G New Zealand Travel Sim Card - 2 Degrees

What It Comes With:

 2.5GB of  4G LTE Data for use within New Zealand 
- Unlimited Text messages to Australian and New Zealand mobile phones
- 200 minutes of calls to standard landline and mobile phones in New Zealand and Australia
- Unlimited calls to other 2degrees new zealand mobile phones
- 4G LTE dedicated 2 Degrees Network - 3rd biggest in the nation

Things You Should Know

- Bundle expires in 28 days after registration is complete.
- No shelf life (Hold on to the SIM as long as you need)
- Easy activation - dial and call 200 once you are in New Zealand and follow the Easy prompts to activate your SIM Card, Takes around 5 minutes to activate.
- Works in Tablets, Dongles, Mi-Fi Devices and Allows Mobile Hotspotting
We provide a SIM Card tray opener inside in each SIM Pack
- The Travel SIM Card expires in 12 months if no recharge is ever made on it after activation

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