Refund Policy

Refund and Returns

Purchases from So Easy Travel comes with a Money Back guarantee for any faulty product not suitable for use. You are entitled to a Full refund for the SIM cards and/or Accessory purchased that is deemed faulty under Australian Consumer Law.


Any correspondence relating to faulty SIM Cards and/or Related Services should first and foremost be directed to the following:

  • Email:
  • Attention: Refund for [Insert Country Name] SIM card.
  • Body: Note when the purchase was made, Instore/Online, What the issue you had, What handset you were using and which part of the country you were in when the service was faulty. You are responsible for the cost of returning your faulty SIM Card.


So Easy Travel will not provide a refund if the SIM Card is not functional due to the handset you are using is locked or incompatible with the provider. You acknowledge that your Sim Card is used to access various telecommunications networks around the world and that those telecommunications networks are provided by third parties not associated with So Easy Travel


So Easy Travel makes every effort to ensure the telecommunications networks which Sim Cards are designed to connect with are available and functional. So Easy Travel does not guarantee that any telecommunications network will be available at any given time or for any given duration.

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