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Three - Internet With Legs - 3GB Data SIM - Mobile Hot-Spot, Tablet & Dongle Enabled.

What It Comes With:

- 3GB of 3.5G & 4G LTE Data (for use in 71 Countries)
- Works in Mi-Fi devices, Dongles & Tablet and
- Allows 'Mobile Hot-Spot' and 'Tethering'
- Has a Validity of 90 Days.
- Manufactured in a triple cut SIM that fits all Phones, Tablets & Dongles
(3G and 4G devices only)

Things You Should Know:

- SIM can be activated in 71 Countries (click here to see countries)
- Bundle (Data) expires 3 months or 90 after not recharging
- SIM Card expires 6 months after the 90 Days if not recharged
- Pop out the right sized sim card out of your 3-in-1 sim pack
- Insert the sim into your mobile device, tablet, dongle or mi-fi device and turn it on
- No ID, no long process, So Easy!
- Activation can happen as soon as your plane lands at the airport.

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