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August 20, 2018

Local Australian Man Forgets To Pack A Travel Sim Card, Accidentally Causes Nuclear Holocaust 

"Yeah I really dropped the ball here" he said. "Yeah I reckon I probably just should have packed the sim card."

18 May, 2017. 14:34

So Easy Travel | Editor-at-large 


Sulking around the emergency bunker at So Easy Travel's  headquarters in his hazmat suit, Gavin “lets irradiate the world” Turner; a previous accountant, ponders over his poor planning, which has led to the end of humanity.

The 29-year-old was an avid traveler/amateur surfer, who recently flew abroad to Thailand.

“Yeah, really not sure how it happened hey” said Gavin "Literally Worse Than Hitler" Turner.  

“Didn’t really think packing an international sim card was that important, I was way off and I feel am feeling pretty silly now”

The details are still coming in of the events that lead to the estimated 6.8 billion deaths, the collapse of society and the possible extinction of mankind but it would appear moments before the apocalypse Gavin arrived in Thailand, and turned on the mobile roaming data on his phone. This appears to have led to the detonation of every nuclear device on the planet. Scientists are not exactly sure how this happened, but so far have all agreed, that this is 100% Gavin's fault. 

"To be fair I actually totally intended to pick one up, I just completely forgot” said Gavin.

But a super irradiated pal of Gavin’s spoke with our reporters this afternoon. She disputed Gavin's claims that he intended to pick up a international travel sim card, “yeah, nah I don’t think he was ever intending to pick up a travel sim, he has always been really unprepared” said Lucy, who seemed very concerned about the extra arm growing from the side of her head.

“I’m really upset with him to be honest, he really should have put more effort into his travel plans” her newly developed 3rd and 4th  eyes were showing obvious disappointment in her friend.

"Look I am really sorry". “Yeah if I could go back in time and just buy a travel sim card, I definitely would” said Gavin 'The End Of Days' Turner.

“To make things worse; I am probably going to receive a massive phone bill”


More to come.

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