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May 22, 2017


At So Easy Travel we love heading abroad. We also love to recommend great products to our clients, so here are some top-notch mobile applications we have used on some our overseas journeys! Also don't forget, you are going need to connect these apps with an international sim card, pick up one today from So Easy Travel. 


1. XE Currency 

So Easy Travel

Its 4am. You are in Thailand, a few drinks deep at the local kebab store. The shopkeeper tells you that you delicious meaty kebab and a can of coke are going to cost you 987 Baht. Is this a good deal? 


And working that out wont be an issue with the XE currency app. XE is the go-to site for currency conversions on the web, with over 20 million downloads since launch. It has lots of business-oriented features, such as rates for precious metals and but for the average traveller its real win is its ability to covert any world currency. This app doesnt actually have an offline feature, so you are going to make sure you get yourself a compatible travel sim card.



2. Google Translate

So Easy Travel

This translator can be a useful tool to support your own, more serious language learning, but realistically, it’s most useful on a practical level quickly translating day-to-day words you come across. Is the gorgeous German backpacker yelling at you or hitting on you? Google Translate can help.

You can also hold your camera up to text and google will translate for you, which is borderline witchcraft. 



3. Lonely Planet 

So Easy Travel
Known for budget travel recommendations and quirky cafes, Lonely Planet does an amazing job of providing sightseeing suggestions as well as local hot spots. They have a range of local and tourist writing contributors so the app is fairly comprehensive, offering guides for most major cities. 



4. Tinder

So Easy Travel

Goes without saying that Tinder is one of the must have apps for travelling. Besides the glaringly obvious reason, its a fantastic way to meet people, many use dating apps like Tinder to make connections while on the road. For business travelers and solo adventurers, setting up a date in the convenience of your hotel room might seem less intimidating than going to a bar or restaurant to meet folks. Plus what better way to immerse yourself in local culture? But its important to be careful, a large hidden danger lurks when Tindering overseas. Yeah that's right. Epic data phone bills.

Make sure you pick up a prepaid travel sim before your trip! 

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