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May 16, 2017

From the impulsive packer, to the painstaking planner, connectivity has become critical to travel. It’s easy to see why – having Internet connection makes it so much easier to access maps, translate foreign squiggles, book hotels, browse tinder and upload your holiday pictures to Facebook.

However, international roaming can get extremely pricy if you’re not prepared. It’s either happened to you or a friend; you get back from a holiday to a huge mobile bill which sends you broke for months!

What most travellers then end up doing is either 1) rely on sketchy WiFi and end up paying more to use the hotel Internet, or 2) buy a local SIM card in the country they’re visiting, which in itself can be a hugely stressful process.

Preparing an international sim card before travelling makes your life much easier. Here’s why:



1. Start your trip with peace of mind

You can buy an international SIM card at the airport upon arrival, but that is not the most ideal situation as after a long flight, the first thing you’d want to do is get to your hotel to settle in and rest. The last thing you’d want to do is jostle among other tourists, with luggage in tow, trying to figure out which network plan to purchase. Besides, the queues are often long and at airports, prices are sometimes inflated. That doesn’t sound like a very nice start to a long-deserved trip.


 2. You’re meant to be relaxing on your holiday!

Do you really want to be having to locate a mobile phone store, navigate language barriers, and shop for the cheapest network plan all add on to the unnecessary stress of travel? On top of that, you’ll also need to make sure that your phone is compatible with the local networks. Not all phones will accept new SIM cards; you may need to have an “unlocked” GSM phone or even buy a temporary phone. Soeasy.travel takes the stress out of purchasing a prepaid sim card.


 3. Post that holiday selfie as soon as you land

By packing your SIM card beforehand, you can give your local phone number to your family before leaving. Activate your SIM card as soon as you land and contact your family to inform them of your safe arrival. After that, you can waste no time announcing your happy arrival. 


 4. No crazy bill shock

Nothing worse than awaiting a bill to land after a holiday. Wondering which kidney you’re going to have to sell is not necessary when you use soeasy.travel for a prepaid international sim card!


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